Drunky Drunk Guys Quest of Questiness

It Begins

The guild has received notice that another party is returning. All the initiates have been working to complete their chores and Silgard has gathered them around the fire to begin one of the most popular rituals of the guild. The celebration of the quests of the returning party. The purpose of these rituals is to help initiates learn about the guild, and become steeped in the lore of the guild.

Taco, Aerithstar and Tiberius have embarked on their first quest to retrieve a rumored magical apple from the Sunless Citadel. Upon their arrival in Oakhurst, they’ve question the locals and sought out any rumors regarding the apples they seek. They’ve learned that some are poisonous and some are not.

Our heroes have fought through a few rooms of the Citadel, and learned of the group of Kobold’s living in the Citadel, and despite the quick slaying of one, have managed to hide their mistake and remain neutral with the Kobolds, and assist them with retrieval of an important symbol to their clan.


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